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Monitr your users on the go with the Komodo Monitr Staff App. Available for both tablets and mobile phones the Monitr app allows coaches/admins/staff to view user condition, view the team schedule and receive notifications.

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Monitr Staff App

Available for both IOS and Android devices the Monitr Staff App can be found by searching Monitr in the Apple store or Google Play Store. 


Your Dashboard

Step 1

From the Home page you will be able to see all your users and their overall performance scores (indicated by the coloured circle around their image)

Pending Surveys

Step 1

At the top of the Home screen the number of users who have pending surveys to complete is listed. Click on the heading to view the list of pending surveys.


Viewing an individual profile

Step 1

Click a users profile to view a breakdown of their wellness and workload


Team Schedule

To view the team schedule click the schedule tab in the menu. Click a session to view session details and attendance.



Under the feed tab is the team feed. View injury reports or session comments left by users or other staff members.



Click on the notification bell to view notifications


Account Management

Forgot Password

The forgot password link can be found on the login screen. Click the link to reset your password.


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