Interpreting your data

Understand how to view, analyse and utilise the data in your Komodo app. The articles in this section walk you through how to view trends in team workload & wellness data as well as an individual athletes breakdown.

Articles in this section


Your dashboard

Step 1

From the Home page you will be able to see all of your users and their overall performance scores (indicated by the coloured circle around their image)


Team workload breakdown

Under the workload tab in the sidebar you can view a summary of the overall workload of your team. View the latest workload status and score along with recent RPE scores and duration.


The performance icons provide an indication on the current condition and can be used to immediately recognise those users who may be overloaded or at risk of injury.


Team wellness breakdown

Located under the Wellness tab in the sidebar is the team Wellness summary. Here you can view trends in the different wellness metrics that are asked within the wellness survey. The performance indicators show which metrics are of greatest concern to your users. 


Team testing data

Step 1

Testing allows you to view user testing scores uploaded into your app. Info about setting up your test groups and uploading data can be found within the Testing section of support.


Interpreting individual workload

Step 1

As a staff member you can view an individual breakdown of workload for each user. Simply click on their profile and navigate to the workload tab.


Interpreting individual wellness

Step 1

As a staff member you can view a users individual wellness breakdown. Simply click on their profile and navigate to the wellness tab.

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