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Signing up / Getting started

Welcome to Komodo Monitr. As an athlete or a student, your coach or staff member has created a Komodo account for your organisation. You will be invited to join your organisations account by either a team code or an email invite. 

View the links below to learn how to get started with your sign up process.

Articles in this section


1. Your Komodo app

Your Komodo Monitr app allows you and your coach the ability to track and maintain your wellness, calendar and training loads to ensure you have the ability to perform at your best come game time. Complete surveys, enter your training calendar, integrate your wearable tech devices and more. 

See how to get started below


2. Signing up

As an athlete, your coach will invite you to join your team. You will either be sent an email to signup and set your login details or your coach will provide you with a team code to use.

If you have been provided a team code, head to https://app.komodomonitr.com/login and click Sign up here. Once you have entered the team code provided, complete the following form to create your account.


3. Signing up with the Monitr App

Alternatively, as an athlete you can sign up via the Monitr mobile app. Simply download the Monitr app for the app store (available for both IOS & Android) and click the Sign up here button to enter your team code to create your account.


As a user, surveys are a great way for you to track and monitor both your health and performance. Depending on the frequency set by your coach/staff member you will have a regular wellness survey to fill out. This survey will ask you to evaluate how you are feeling in relation to different wellness metrics (sleep, nutrition, mind state and possibly more). Keep reading to find out how to submit your surveys.



Completing your wellness survey

When you get a wellness survey notification, or if it pops up after you log in, slide the markers to a suitable position based on your wellbeing. You won't be able to submit a survey until all sliders have been completed.


Completing your workload survey

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) surveys should be completed after training sessions/games.


The score is an indication of how hard/intense that particular training session/game was for you personally. Select the score and click submit to save.


Did not attend Session

If you did not attend a particular session, simply click 'Did not attend' at the bottom of the survey



The schedule is a great way to track all of your trainings and meetings. You may notice different session types have a different colour - making it easy for you to identify what types of sessions you have this week. As a user you can add your own training sessions into the schedule either for those sessions you have already completed or upcoming sessions. See the below articles to learn more.


View your schedule

Once you login, your upcoming sessions are displayed on your dash. If you want to view your schedule in more detail click on the Schedule tab in the sidebar. Your schedule contains your team training sessions (blue), match fixtures (green), non-physical sessions (yellow), testing sessions (orange) and sessions which have been added by you the athlete (purple). Simply click on a session to view more details.


Adding extra sessions

Step 1

Click Add my extra sessions


Adding past sessions

Step 1

Once you login if you have a survey due this will automatically pop up, complete and click submit


Add a future session

Step 1

Head to the schedule and click on the session date in the calendar.


The global feed is where you are able to view any comments or injury/illness reports that you have left as well as comments left by your coaches or staff members. As a user you can either create a comment directly in the global feed or fill out the text box at the base of your surveys. The below articles provide a guide on how to do this.



Leaving session feedback

Step 1

After completing a workload survey, select comment from the drop down box. Begin typing to leave feedback for that session. Click submit to save.

Reporting an injury/illness

Step 1

A comment box is featured at the base of both the workload and wellness surveys. Simply select injury/illness in the dropdown and detail your injury in the box provided.


Leave a wellness comment / injury report

Step 1

Once you login if you have a wellness survey due this will automatically pop up. Use the dropdown to select either comment or injury/illness and detail your response in the box provided.


Leaving feedback or an injury report

Step 1

You can also leave a comment or injury report directly from your feed. Simply click on the text box at the top of the page and leave your comment. Your staff member will receive a notification that you have left a comment.

Interpreting your data

The articles below provide a guide to help you understand how to understand the gauges and charts within your profile. Learn how to view your different wellness metrics and how to view trends over time. 



Athlete dashboard

The Komodo Scale represents your overall performance score, which is a combination of your Workload, RPE, Wellness and various other factors.

Utilise the Summary, Workload and Wellness tabs or click on one of the coloured circles to see further details behind your scores. You will also be able to see your performance compared to previous weeks.


Athlete insights

Your athlete insights are individual to you. The 3 boxes will display key performance feedback, so you know what you are doing well and what needs improvement


Workload breakdown

On the web app you will find a breakdown of your workload in the 'Workload' tab. There you will see the individual graphs for intensity and duration (and GPS-specific metrics if you use them) that show your trends over time. At the bottom will be your overall workload graph.


Wellness breakdown

For each wellness metric (sleep, mind state, nutrition etc) you are able to view the current condition, the latest response along with a trend over time. Simply click on the metric to view.



If your coach/staff member has set up testing sessions then these will appear in your schedule. To view your testing results which your coach/staff member has uploaded simply head into the Testing tab. 



View my testing results

Step 1

To view your testing results, simply click on the Testing tab in the sidebar.

Account Management

The articles below show you how to add your own profile image to add a touch of personalisation to your app. See also how to change and rest your password.



Add a profile image

Step 1

Click on the profile image at the top of the sidebar, select an image to upload.


Changing your password

Step 1

Head into settings and click Account. Enter your new password, confirm the password and click update


Monitr mobile app

The Monitr app is available for download in both the Apple app store and Google Play store. The app allows you to easily complete your surveys, track your performance and view your schedule on the go. See the articles below to learn how to navigate around the app.



The home page displays your current Komodo Scale, Workload and Wellness scores along with your current insights. Upcoming sessions are displayed just below your insights. Click on a session to view more detail.


Wellness Survey

When you get a wellness survey notification, or if it pops up after you log in, slide the markers to a suitable position based on your wellbeing. You won't be able to submit a survey until all sliders have been completed.


Your schedule

Click on the 'Schedule' tab to view your upcoming schedule. Each of the colours represents a different session type (green: match/game, blue: team training session, orange: testing, yellow: other session and purple is your athlete added sessions). Click on the session to view more detail.



Your feed

Click on the 'Feed' tab to view your comments, injury reports and feedback which has been left for you by your coach. You can easily filter the feed by clicking on the filter icon.

Your data

Wellness Data

Your wellness data can be viewed under the 'Data' tab. Here you will see your overall wellness score, current wellness insights as well as the individual scores for your different wellness factors (sleep, mind state, nutrition etc). Click on a metric to view more details.

Account Management

Forgot your password

The forgot password link can be found on the main login screen. Follow the steps to reset your password.


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