Team Management

Teams are fundamental to the make up of your Monitr app. Learn how to create teams and add members using team codes or directly in the app itself. 

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Adding new users via email invite

Step 1

Adding new users with a team code

Each team has a unique code automatically associated with it. Share this with your users to invite them to sign up to your organisation or to join a new team.

The team code can be located in the Teams tab within settings or by clicking Add people in the People tab


Adding members to a team

Step 1

Remove a team

Step 1

Click on the teams tab and click the red 'x' button next to the team you wish to remove 


Remove users from your organisation

Step 1

Within the People tab, Click the red 'x' button next to the name of the user you need to remove. A notifier will pop up asking you to confirm this decision.

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