Wearable tech & custom metrics

Integrate your wearable tech devices into your Komodo Monitr app. The articles in this section walk you through how to connect and set up your custom metrics, how to import the data and how to view the results.

Articles in this section

Setting up custom metrics

Step 1

Komodo Tip

To save time make sure you enter the metrics in Komodo Monitr in the order they appear in your spreadsheet exported from your wearable tech (STATSports, Catapult, Garmin, etc).

Also make sure the athlete matches the correct ID


Komodo Tip

Make sure the athlete ID's, names and data match up to save time. If they don't match, try removing the names and ID's from the template and copying the information back in again from the exported spreadsheet from your wearable tech.

Adding Data - Manual Entry

Step 1

Delete a custom metric

Step 1

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